Where have you been Wednesday?

As I writing the title it brought to mind the old children's rhyme,

     Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, where have you been?
        I've been to London, to visit the Queen.

Unfortunately, no great adventures or travels for me, but for the past week I've been both in recovery mode (after having wonderful houseguests for 10 days) and also end of the school year mode... with award ceremonies and parties and volunteer wrap ups etc...

besides, without my parents here, it's been tough to get my naps in - which has made this mommy to be one cranky little girl... and coping with the changing schedules and increasing humidity here in South Carolina hasn't helped... so I took an impromptu week off from everything bloggy... I have over 1000 posts to catch up on in my reader and a number of new reviews and give aways to write about... and I will get back on track for next week with everything MMMonday and PIN Tuesdays, but I needed the break to keep my head on straight...

I also celebrated my twelfth wedding anniversary with hubby, just a simple dinner out and a lovely new addition to our kitchen and garden as exchanged gifts... and of course those Barenaked Ladies to see this coming Saturday night ~~!!

I hope everyone else had an uneventful week and will stop by tomorrow and Friday to see my reviews (with giveaways) of:

Thursday: Rock Stars of the '80's and 90's! A Collectors book of Memorabilia by Victoria Mitchell
Friday: B-Natal Losenges