Sunday Family Stories - Heather's Hubby Edition

I am still having trouble writing and reading on the computer... Ach Baby doesn't like it... so I prevailed on Wayne to do another post for us....

So here is one of his stories:

With Heather’s pregnancy family stories have been coming rushing back into my brain.  Some of the stories are happy and poignant while others are sad and morose.  I have even thought of a couple that has really made me laugh.  It has been hard to choose one but chosen I have.  You tell me what category it fits into.

I was never good at school when I was young.  I really didn’t like it for some reason that to this day I can not fathom.  In elementary school I was in particular quite the ragamuffin and/or scamp.  I remember in grade eight having a math test I really wasn’t prepared for so I decided to make sure the test did not happen.  I sat down and went through all of the ways to get out of the test.  While I could have chosen something easy like faking being sick, that was not my way.  I decided to create a nice diversion instead. 

Using a baggie filled with baking soda, a brick and some string I developed a device that would pull the fire alarm during my class period.  That way I could see the test, know what was on it and then study for it when I was sure it would be given to us again the next day.  So I spent hours the night before figuring out the weights needed to trigger the brick attached to a string to fall at a rate of pace that would pull the lever with enough force to trigger the alarm at just the right time.  It was really quite ingenious. 

The next day during the recess before the class I snuck into the storage area and set up my device.  As I wandered into class assured my nefarious plan would work nicely, I confidently flipped over my test paper.  The test was on force and was similar to all of the math I had to use the previous night.  As I looked at the test stunned that I actually knew how to answer the questions, what happens but my plan works to perfection. 

As we are standing on the side walk in the now rain, the teacher announces to us that since our test was disrupted, he was going to just take our homework scores instead and he was cancelling the test.  It is when I learnt that ‘D’ stands for deserved!