Friendly Wednesday: "Eighties rockers coming to your town soon..." by David S. Grant

I am pleased today to have David S. Grant, renowned author and blogger guest posting about a subject near and dear to his heart (and my own), 80's Rockers.  Having grown up with music of all kinds in my house, it was bands like GNR that sparked my imagination and had me listening on my walkman late at night...

Without futher ado, and don't forget to check out his work and bio at the links provided at the bottom of the page, and stop back tomorrow for my review of his latest book, Rock Stars!

"Eighties rockers coming to your town soon..." by David S. Grant

Duff McKagan (Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver, and Loaded) has stated that he is developing a memoir of his life. With McKagan’s entry into the world of autobiographies, this makes three members (Duff, Slash, and Steven Adler) from the original GN’R lineup to venture into the memoir business. Given Izzy Stradlin’s need to stick to his independent roots, no one is holding their breath over IZZY, which would have to be the title, right? That leaves us with W. Axl Rose.

The Axl memoir is interesting to many because of three factors. First, at times, Rose has maintained a semi-reclusive life, vanishing from a spotlight he once dominated. Second, few have had as many “what were they thinking?” moments as Axl. This is a perfect output for his side of the story. Finally, there is the good versus evil, love versus insanity, caring versus destructive natures (often in the same breath) through both his music and performances. Would all the answers be revealed in a “tell all” book? Of course not, it would probably confuse fans more, but in good natured fun, let’s look at some potential titles for this book that will never see the light of day.

10. (My Band is) OUT TO GET ME
A band, millions of dollars, paranoia.

A two thousand page book of court documents: Ranging from the GNR name, royalties, and other lawsuits. Axl includes footnotes that often include the word bullshit.

Essentially, a list of band members, managers, and other contributors to the latest GNR album. A surprisingly long read at 642 pages.

7. APPETITE FOR RECONSTRUCTION: A look at facial surgery and cranium accessories
Chapters include: Oversized Aviators, The Art of Corn Rows part I, The Boxers, Kilts, and The Art of Corn Rows part II.

6. PARADISE CITY: Omaha, Nebraska
Using his experience on the road, Axl shocks all with his claim that Paradise is in a small town named Omaha.

5. MY CIVIL WAR: A list
A list of names Rose is either unhappy with, has a problem with, or seeks revenge upon. Also, not a quick read.

4. PATIENCE: The Making of Chinese Democracy
A day by day look into the diary of Axl Rose from 1995 through 2007, sold in three volumes.

All of the favorites are captured here: Warren Beatty, Scott Weiland, the fans that blink during “November Rain,” everyone in the media and so on.

2. FASHIONABLY LATE: The Axl Rose story
A handbook on how to be a rock star today. Lesson # 1: Don’t leave the hotel until the show is suppose to start. #2: If even one fan is out of line, stop the show. Everyone will understand.

Disappointing his fans, Axl writes a cook book.

David S. Grant is the author of several books including Rock Stars, Happy Hour, and Corporate Porn. David lives and works in New York City. For more information go to: or