MMMmonday - Yummy Recipes from friends...

Today I thought I'd do something a little different... instead of one recipe, I'm going to share four that I have found on various blog friends sites and have put together for a yummy meal for my family!

The first inspiration came from Hallee the Homemaker's Scrumptious Sweet Potato Sticks, which are quick and easy and healthy to make.

My variation to her recipe is to add some fresh ground black pepper with the sea salt at the end for just a little more kick!

I'm planning to pair it with:
Italian Mama Chef's Baked Italian Lemon Chicken, which I made the other day and we loved!  It has all the lovely breading without the frying and a fabulous tart lemony flavor, which I think will go well with the sweet potato! (This one isn't gluten free unless you use GF flour, which I haven't done, because Liam is pretty  much a vegetarian and won't eat chicken)

for our veggies:
Roasted Tomatoes from Out of the Box and Into the Kitchen.. cause I have a hankering to make these again.... they were just yummy!  I will also have salad greens and cucumber spears on the side

and for dessert:
More lemon with Pear Crisp with Lemon Sauce... from the Sporadic cook... cause Pears were on sale last week at Publix and this recipe was easily adapted to gluten free, with the use of GF all purpose flour, 1/2 a teaspoon of xanthum gum and GF oats!  I served the lemon sauce on the side, because the pear crisp alone was great... but I love me some lemon :)

I hope you enjoy this week's MMMonday post - I would love your feedback about whether you prefer this style or my one recipe a week format... or if you'd like to see a combination of both - maybe recipes most Mondays with a featured MMenu once a month...  Please check out these fabulous blogs which are full of other great recipes, tips and more...