Guest Post: Heather's Hubby Rants...

Rant Alert!  When I come on Heather's blog - I normally write cute and funny witticism but today I need to rant...

Good Enough is for 'Losers'

I am sick of good enough.  Lately people around me have been giving half assed efforts and telling me it is 'good enough.'  Where is the pride?  Where is the drive to do things 'just a little better?'  Where is the need for growth and development?

We used to be a society where everyone worked hard to make life better for all.  Now we are just doing things good enough to make it comfortable for me.  We allow others to think for us and to give us our opinions because it is easier.  We have become a society of complacency! 

We have entered into an economy where success is dictated by the ability to think, innovate and move forward yet we allow our schools to become wastelands of groupthink.  We create so little as a result.  We are in a world in a desperate need for love and compassion yet we turn on each other as soon as our own interests may be compromised (see health care).  We have become day to day creatures of comfort rather that shapers of the future.  We are waiting to be lead instead of becoming leaders ourselves.

So my challenge to all of you (and to myself to continue to do so) is to do the mirror test for a month.  Each morning look in the mirror and ask yourself these questions;

Did I put my best effort into my work and life yesterday?

Did I do something positive for the world around me yesterday?

Did I become a better person yesterday?

Remember, the person in the glass never lies. It is hard because the answer is 'no' way too often. To makes these answers 'yes' it takes dedication and discipline.  It also takes empathy, truth and dignity.  Finally, it takes love of self and of those around you.  Not just the people you know but of all. It is a journey that has no end but the trip itself is its reward!

So for next month make it your mission to make the answer 'yes' to each of these questions and watch how the world around you improves because 'doing it better' is for winners!