More words!

I am sitting here watching Liam tell a story to with his toes... or at least that's what I think he's doing - he's babbling and manipulating his feet like some kids would play with puppets... I honestly wish I could figure out what he's thinking sometimes...  It must be incredible...s

He was watching an old episode of Blues Clues today and was actually participating in some of the responses!!! He said "Hi Steve" with the 'kids track' and "A Cu A Cu" at one of the appropriate places!

We are seeing so much more spontaneous speech - I'm so happy!

We've also discovered a Carrot Muffin by Kinnikinnick that he LOVES and we found it on sale at Whole Foods!!!

He's slowly but surely catching on to speech, but has really decided that he's not into signing... we're using it more as cues than as speech, and they are introducing more picture cues at school which he also seems to be getting into...

I don't know if its the GF diet or just 'the right time' but we seem to be more on track now so we're going to continue the GF experiment for a few more months!