I've been a bad bloggy friend... and a vent

I usually use a few of the snatches of time I get to make some rounds and visit blogs I follow and friends from SITS... but the past few days have been so hectic and tiring that I haven't even been visiting and responding to the comments here on acting balanced....

I have to say that most of my acting talent has been tied up with helping out at Robyn's school in preparation for their move from the old and worn facility they have been in to the new and state of the art one that was built behind it...

They were supposed to move in before Christmas break... and then after the MLK weekend... and finally, come heck or high water, they are finally out of the old school and into the new... but it means that I've been volunteering there nine of the last ten days - and Liam has spent several afternoons there too!

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel... and most of the work I was doing is done :) and they will be moving shortly :)

Now for the vent... if only they could stop scaring my kid and her classmates with their 'new rules'... I could rest easily, but here are a few of them:

1. Students were given an hour and a half orientation as to rules and
expectations in the new building. This was led by our PBIS team and
all students are "ready to roll" for Tuesday.
2. Due to the distance between our two classrooms, we are having to
enforce a strict tardy policy so that no instructional time is lost.
Students will be given 1 minute to transition between our classrooms. 
If a student arrives, and our door is shut, then the student is tardy. 
3 unexcused tardies will result in a Monday, 2:30-3:30, after school
detention.  If a student is consistently tardy (6 or more) then
administration will handle the matter with the student.
3. Each student will be given 3 bathroom/water passes for each teacher
every four and a half weeks of school (6 total). When a student needs
to take a bathroom/break, they will give the ticket to the teacher as
their pass. If their is an emergency, on the part of the student, that
will be handled on an individual basis. However; EVERY student must
have a Haut Gap agenda to utilize when leaving the classroom for
reasons other than listed above. If your child does not have an
agenda, a new one may be purchased in the front office for $5.00
4. NO water bottles, Gatorade, candy, gum, food items are allowed in
the new building and/or lockers...with the exception of student
lunches. A student may not "save" his/her drink items and/or food
from the cafeteria to take home.
5. Students MUST have all books for all classes each day. Locker
breaks will remain the same, but their will be no returning to
classrooms for books and materials. Lockers are situated within the
classroom and we don't want the instructional day interrupted with
students returning for materials.  Students do not need to ask
teachers if they need their books the answer is yes.

Thanks for reading - comments are always welcome (and I promise to return the favor if you are a bloggy friend visiting :)