Having kids with invisible disabilities

If I had a dollar for every time someone said "But he looks normal" when I explain that my son isn't interacting with them because he has Autism, I'd be at least thousands of dollars richer...

A friend of mine and I were IM'ing tonight about how tough it is to be the parent of a child with a disability that can't be identified by sight.  Liam has Autism which affects his communication and his social abilities, her son has an even harder to detect and understand disability - ADHD.

It is so hard to go through day to day with people who think that my son is rude or ignoring them, or in my friend's case that she's a bad mom because her son has concentration and behavior issues.

We struggle not only with the outward issues, but also with the core parenting issues of 'Are we doing the best for our kid?'  We have both embarked on new treatments for our children - hers is fish oil supplements and mine, as you may have read, is the gluten free diet... the worst part is it all takes time and if this isn't the right path for our children we have to start all over again...

My friend T shared a great story with me tonight that helps keep things in perspective and if you are interested in some insight into our world, I recommend checking it out

Welcome To Holland

With the holidays coming up I will probably blog less often, but you never know :)

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