Setting up my new Republic Wireless phone and plan #sponsored

***I received a Moto X phone and service plan from Republic Wireless in exchange for my opinion.  All statistics are provided by Republic Wireless, all opinions are my own.

I've been searching for a new phone for a while.  I was jealous of my hubby and his new one, but I didn't want to commit to the same phone, so I was doing my research when an email from Republic Wireless arrived in my inbox!

Republic Wireless is a hybrid phone service that seamlessly blends wireless network calling with cellular phone calling!  What does that mean?  It means that if you are connected to wi-fi, your phone calls will go out over the wi-fi network... and if you don't, you'll have cellular coverage through the Sprint Network.  And it means that the phone plans cost way less than traditional cell phone carriers!

With plans starting at just $5 and the most expensive plan costing $40, and the fact that you can change your plan at will, Republic Wireless is definitely an affordable option for many people!  And

There are two choices of phone with Republic Wireless - the 3G capable Moto G and the 4G capable Moto X.  Just this morning, I received this adorable Moto X:

I waited semi-patiently for the three hours that the instructions required before I turned on my phone and read the instructions cover to cover - it was incredibly simple and getting my Republic Wireless account set up was pretty painless too - all totaled, I was up and running within ten minutes.  My only hiccup was that I couldn't find my account number for my old cell account and had to deal with THEIR customer service and explain that I'd be leaving my old carrier to get them to cough up the number I needed.  My phone is up and running and I've already downloaded the important apps - Starbucks, Kindle and Publix!  I haven't downloaded Erik's app yet - he really wants to play Angry Birds Epic on there but I am already losing my iPad to him, so I'm conveniently forgetting to add that one...

So far, I love how responsive the phone is and how much faster things load than my last phone.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how much 4G signal I get here in Charleston, despite the fact that the map says 3G!  I have also been really happy at how long the battery lasts and how the integrated Google back up is taking my photos right to the cloud every time I am in a Wi-Fi zone.

So far the only downsides are that I can't receive text messages from six digit numbers - so I have lost one of my favorite deal/coupon outlets, and I cannot personalize my voice mail message, but otherwise I am loving my new Moto X and my Republic Wireless phone plan!

Stay tuned as I put my Moto X through it's paces and report back next month!