Talking about Calcium and Bone Health with My Teenage Daughter #ViactivYoursandHers

While that's scary enough, overall almost 70% of women, on average, are calcium deficient - which means that it's important for us moms to keep up our calcium intake too! Talking about maintaining a healthy diet throughout our lives and meal planning has always been a topic of conversation between Robyn and I because she's interested in cooking and baking, and I appreciate when she takes a turn in the kitchen! So it was natural, when staring at the facts and figures provided by Viactiv, that we both get on board and try out the Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews dietary supplements as part of our daily routines. Supplementing your calcium intake when diet isn't enough is one of the three keys to bone health - the other two are getting an adequate daily dose of calcium from your diet and doing regular bone strengthening exercises. You can find out more by visiting and join the discussion at​

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My great-grandmother was a strong woman in many ways - she gave birth to nineteen children and watched nine of them grow to adulthood - all while being just 4'11" tall, but some of the issues that plagued her were arthritis and osteoporosis, and my grandmother has also suffered from osteoporosis and weakening bones, so it is incredibly important for me to be aware of maintaining healthy bones myself and also sharing bone health information with my sixteen year old daughter!

I am lucky in that Robyn, unlike me, likes the taste of milk and will semi-regularly have a glass of milk or make herself a milkshake, but I always worry that she still isn't getting enough calcium - especially when a 2010 study published in The Journal of Nutrition states that 86% of teen girls don't get enough calcium in their daily diets. Viactiv also shares on their teen page that 95% of peak bone mass is present by age 20, which makes it really important to maintain healthy calcium levels during the teen years.

It used to be easier to know she was getting at least one serving of milk every day because she was having school hot lunch, which came with milk, but when she started high school, she tried one day at the cafeteria and lets just say it didn't end well and she now carries her lunch and often doesn't have a dairy component.

We've been trying Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews dietary supplements for almost a month now and it was really easy to add them into our daily routine. I appreciate that they offer a caramel flavor because of my chocolate allergy, but Robyn seems to like both flavors - the Caramel and Milk Chocolate. Since you can take one chew for 50% of your daily requirement of calcium or two for 100%, you stay in control of your calcium intake plus, they contain vitamins D3 and K. For instance, because Robyn also takes a calcium-enriched multi-vitamin that gives her about 25% of her daily calcium, drinks milk and eats dairy, she has one Soft Chew per day. I, on the other hand, rarely drink milk and occasionally binge on cheese, so I take two! I truly appreciate that each Viactiv Calcium Soft Chew is individually wrapped so that we can take them on the go - and I can also share them with friends when I'm telling them about the benefits of including the #1 doctor recommended calcium supplement chew in our lives.

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