Friday Fragments

Wow - it's February already... the world is moving way too fast!

Wayne has been incredibly busy, but that is hopefully slowing down a little bit in the next three weeks when he'll have one less course to teach

  • although I know he'll add something else to the mix...
  • at least he's back in the office with heat and lights on... it was almost a full week in the dark last week.
Knock on wood, everyone is starting to feel a little better here, some are still sounding a little rough, but everyone is back to work and school
  • Unfortunately, my grands have both caught a nasty virus that landed them in hospital.  My Grandmother is home and resting, but my Grandfather is still in hospital (and having to put up with all the pretty nurses), but please keep both in your thoughts this weekend.
Liam had another successful day at FitKatz - he's learned to float on his back and "superman" in the pool!  I can see lots more fun for him in our pool once the weather gets nice!  Two more weeks to go!  I really hope they offer the program again!

Erik had an up and down week - we're still potty training with some success, but he's also had a toy throwing incident at preschool... hopefully next week is better!

As for me, well I feel so much better and I hope to be blogging more this week than last... it was kind of pathetic... but I promise to do better this week.