Guest Post: A Memoir to Start 2014 Off Right

I am pleased to invite William Buisch, DVM to guest post on Acting Balanced as part of his Pump Up Your Book virtual tour, in promotion of his memoir, The Ark's Cargo: For the Love of Animals.

Dr. Buisch was inspired by biblical passages and teachings and cherished his work as an international veterinarian. His passion for improving the health and welfare of domesticated and wild animals is most noteworthy. Working within diverse cultures, he observed vast health improvements in animals and, as a result, in people living nearby.

A Memoir to Start 2014 Off Right

If you like romance, love, excitement, drama, adventure, exotic tales/tails and situational comedy, I have just the right book for you!  And then with the ever present animalistic behavior and the discussion of male prowness while being, a bit bullish at times I am sure you will appreciate and love this collection of real life stories.  Don’t be sheepish or cackle at the story line!  But rather, enjoy the horsing around and the discriptions of unusual harems and the sexuality of a semen collection facility.  All of this and more is included in the award winning book entitled, “The Ark's Cargo: For the Love of Animals!

     The memoir is about an International Veterinarian who worked in poverty stricken areas of the world including that of working in Haiti, the jungles of Panama, in Colombia in areas under the control of drug lords, in Mali, along the road to Timbuktu and in Kenya where the Maasi believe they own all of the cattle in the world. 

     The stories include efforts to improve the health and welfare of both wild and domesticated animals in order to improve the well being of the human populations living near by.  While the episodes may get a little wild at times, each adventure doesn’t necessarily achieve the success hoped for.  Nevertheless, the lessons learned and the relationships developed established long lasting effects of international trust and respect that will last for years to come!

     Having worked with the Wild Mustangs in Colorado and Nevada may be the highlight for some.  But facing the terror of a black jaguar, or being “attacked” by a Battalion of Troops, or facing a native with a shield and spear aimed at one’s heart; will often attract the attention of others.  And then there is the matter of the ever “screwing” Screwworm Fly; the experience of shipping cattle in a school bus; or the experience of being an unseasoned seaman in the North Atlantic.  All I can say is; this is only the beginning!  And as such, do enjoy!!!