Tuesday Coffee Chat - What I Would Not Share

Les came up with a good topic this week.  In this season of sharing, goodwill and blah blah, what are we not willing to share.  So here is my list of two things I would am not willing to share...
  • I would never share my wife.  I mean, first of all, all those germs being shared in that situation... ewww!  I may trade her for a richer, slightly older woman who loves to clean and cook but share her - not worth it.  Seriously, I do not like touching people in general.  So I would rather not share handshakes, hugs or any other form of touching but I suck it up and do it (perhaps that is a poor choice of words considering the thesis statement).
  • I also do not like to share food off my plate.  Seriously, once again it is a germ thing.  Do not touch my food once it is on the plate.  The funny thing is I have to constantly fight my reflex here when in China.  I loved a lot of things about China but the family style eating where everyone puts their chop sticks into the food. I get over my fear but it doesn't mean I have to like it.