Friday Fragments

Thanks to Mrs. 4444s for hosting Friday Fragments...

W - Now that the tryptophan is kicking in, we had a nice Thanksgiving.  Heather did a great job with the dinner.
  • H- Thank you :-)
W - The boys have been killing us lately by not sleeping much.  We have tried giving them melatonin and all kinds of other things.  It has not been a fun stretch.

  • H- A friend has suggested trying lavender essential oil... it's on my shopping list for this weekend!

W - Another term of teaching has come to a close.  It is amazing how quickly time does fly working in a College environment.  The term system really does make time seem to flow.

  • H - Time has been flying at home too... I can't believe how fast life is going these days...
H - My parents have started their return trip across the Atlantic.. hopefully the crossing is relatively calm and they come home well rested in time to spend time with their grandchildren ;-)  - If you haven't kept up with their 42-day cruise, you can see all the fabulous pictures at!

H - Hopefully, this weekend we'll be installing our new face here on Acting Balanced... if you want a sneak peek, click here!  

H - Sadly, a long time tradition of midnight/early morning shopping on Black Friday with Robyn is coming to an end - I am exhausted and we really don't need anything while we're out, so I think we'll just shop online and hopefully get a good night's sleep... 

Speaking of Robyn, she went ahead and got a really cute pixie cut and donated over 12 inches of hair to   You can check out the details here!

H - I have a predicament... I got a glimpse into the future of Thankgivings at my son's preschool and I disagree strongly with their portrayal of Native Americans - complete stereotyping and cultural insensitivity wrapped in 'cute' - I am not sure whether this means I speak to the administrator, find a new school for next year or just teach my child at home for the three weeks they are doing Thanksgiving at the school next year...  he really loves it there, but I am having a hard time with the blatant lack of understanding...

Half-Past Kissin' Time