Friday Fragments

It's Friday... a chance to clear out the cobwebs, fragments and other lurkers in our brains.... thanks to Mrs. 4444 at we have an outlet:

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It's been a busy week, yet I feel like I've accomplished very little - I did finally get out and get Robyn some new jeans... gotta love Goodwill - 4 pair of jeans including 2 pair of designer for just over $20!

  • I have been productive this week.  It is the last week of semester, so I have classes wrapping up.  Add to that some ummmm two R&R papers, three research projects in data collection phase and another two the initial phases.  Yeah, I am sort of busy at the moment.

Erik has decided what he wants for Christmas - Gym-tastic classes... I think Santa will be granting that wish ... if only to teach him to roll properly ... and not to cartwheel onto his head.  Hopefully it will help channel some of the engergy - although I doubt it.
  • How much are they?  I mean Santa is on a tight budget don't you know.

Liam is harder for Santa to figure out - his obsession this month is a little out of our price range - he's obsessed with cars, trucks and vans... he amazed his teachers today by telling them exactly what each of them drive... 
  • He apparently is turning into our little stalker boy.  Then again, maybe he will become a mechanic and I will have someone I can actually trust to fix my car.

Robyn is heading out on Saturday to chop all her hair off for a good cause - she's donating to Wigs for Kids and going from this:

to something like this:

She's had a pixie cut before and loved it... except that she got called a boy... Now that she has curves I think that will be less of an issue.
  • What can I say?  I know very little about hair... 

My parents are still hanging out in the Mediterranean - if you haven't visited lately, you're missing some fabulous pics that my dad has been taking as part of their 42 day cruise!

  • I hope they are enjoying their trip...

Good luck to the C of C women's volleyball team who are playing in the CAA Championship is weekend!  

  • Hopefully we can take the boys to see a game or two!

The end of term is always bitter sweet for me.  I am happy to see the students progress, I am sad that I will not get to see many of them every week now.  

  •   They will be around - so many of them are your advisees!

Heather and I have not seen much of each other lately - I would say we could catch up soon but I she is headed to Canada just as I slow down.  Thems the breaks I guesses.

  • We are at least getting a night away sans kids thanks to my globetrotting parents who are stopping here to get their sea legs back and do some 'Christmas' type stuff with the kids before taking me away with them!
Well - both boys are asleep at a reasonable time for once, so we're signing off... happy fragging everyone!  We'll see you again after the thanksgiving feasting finishes!