Friday Fragments

Well, I can't believe it's already Friday-Eve once again... the week passed by in a blur... as always, we thank Mrs. 4444 for hosting this chance to clear the cobwebs and fragments from our minds...
Erik had his 3 year well check this week - he's still topping out the scales and catching up to his brother quickly ... here's a side by side comparison

Erik                           Liam
40.2 lbs                      51.0 lbs
39.5 inches tall            48.5 inches tall
94% overall                41% overall
Yep... I knew they were close in size, but I didn't realize quite how close...

This is why I carry them and you do not...
Half-Past Kissin' Time
We made the tough decision this week that we're not going home to Canada as a family for Christmas - it is just going to be too much this year - between the expense and the time in the car together... instead, I am going to hitch a ride to Canada with my parents and a ride back home with my in-laws when they come to spend Christmas with us... 9 days as a free woman... not sure if I will go through withdrawal or just catch up on sleep! 

I am not sure I will be alive when you get back...but sometimes we do what we must.

I am looking forward to trying to get to Ottawa to visit my grandparents, weather permitting, while I am up north - I'm also hoping that it's not too bitterly cold...

I hope they are in good health and Hesther does get to spend time with them.  

I bought my turkeys today!  It's beginning to feel a lot like Thanksgiving!  Gotta love getting meat for $0.59 a lb!

I got you beat on this one.  I am a judge of a professional rib cook off tonight.  Hope I am a good one.  Though I am going to miss a C of C basketball game to do so.  Choices, choices in life. 

Liam's class is heading to Charlestowne Landing tomorrow - I think Erik and I are going to meet up with them at lunch time and hang out for a bit - gotta get one last picnic in before it gets too cold!