Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What was your biggest worry five years ago? Is it still a worry?

I worry very little in general.  I just know whatever comes up we will deal with and move on.  I guess if I had to come up with something, Liam was diagnosed with Autism five years ago.  I still worry about him and his future but not in the same way.  I know he will find his path one day and it will be a good thing.

2. Yesterday (October 15th) was National Grouch Day...what makes you grouchy? What cheers you up when you're feeling grouchy?

I am not a big fan in changes to my routine.  Large changes to my morning routine in particular bother me greatly.  A good meal however can usually change my day though.

3. In one word, how does it feel to be photographed?


4. Besides your parents, who would you say had the greatest influence on you in choosing your life path? Explain.

I have been lucky to have had many people who have been great influences.  The person besides my parents however, has to be Heather.  She gets a say in where I live, where we spend our resources etc.  How can one's spouse not have a huge influence on a life path?

5. The crisp days of autumn are here ...what's something you like to eat, but only if it's crisp?

I vote for Apple Crisp.

6. What's the most useless object you own?

Heather would probably say me.  I will go with my TV set.  All it seems to do is give me mindless crap to waste time upon.

7. Share a favorite fall memory.

I worked at a place called Cape Croker.  The really neat thing about that place was that it was surrounded on three sides by the Niagara escarpment and the other side by Georgian Bay.  In fall, when the colors changed the community was surrounded by the wall of trees changing color.  It was by far one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen.  I am sorry but it was before digital camera's so I don't have a picture of it to share.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

The one thing I do not like about living in Charleston is that fall doesn't really happen here.  This city is so beautiful however, the weather only changes kind of subtly, the colors sort of change if you really look for them.  Growing up in Canada, you woke up one more and the air was crisp, the leaves had changed colors and you just knew it was a change in season.  Here, the  humidity just kind of goes away (not that is a bad thing).