Tuesday Coffee Chat

It is always nice to see Les and her Coffee Chat.  The topic she assigned this week is:

If life were a video I could rewind, I’d go back....

First, Les is 'dating herself' with this question.  Seriously, when was the last time you had to rewind a video?  In another decade this saying will not make sense to the youngin's.  At the risk of sounding old and curmudgeonly, I would say though, that I would be happy to go back to a simpler technology world. Seriously, I am not that important that I need to be accessible 24/7 via email, text, social media, or phone.  Silly for a blogger to say but I could live without putting my life on constant display.  I really do not need to know the level of detail of my 'friends' lives that is currently available.  While I do like 'major' updates, the fact that you had a mocca cafe latte this morning is just stuff I that I didn't need to know.   

I also don't need constant entertainment, so I don't get bored if I am left to my own thoughts for five minutes.  Have you noticed that people get antsy, if they go 10 minutes without so sort of stimulus?  If you ever want to have weird fun, tape someones phone to the ceiling and watch.They can hear all of the alerts, ringtones etc. and will go nuts trying to find it as it was their last life preserver to the world.  I am not sure when or not to laugh, cry or be scared that my students, kids or even my wife can't seem to go five minutes without a need to for some sort of technical stimulus.  

So I guess I would 'rewind' to the days when cell phone were for emergencies, that the 24/7 news cycle meant less was important (seriously I don't care about celebrities and athletes personal lives) and when people could actually hold conversations with one another without the need for a technical aide.  As Brooksy said in the Shawshank Redemption, "the world has gone and got itself in a g-d hurry."   I choose to make it slower and easier on myself instead. 

P.S. Reading this back, I apparently walked 50 miles to school; up hill both ways in the snow.