Friday Fragments...

Thanks to Mrs. 4444s for hosting...

W. - Welcome back to Charleston to my parents...sorry about the house condition.
Half-Past Kissin' Time
  • H. - It's great to have Nana and Papa visiting ... it's especially nice to be able to leave Erik napping when I go to pick up Liam - even if he only naps for 10 minutes after I leave the house.
W. - This week has gone at 1000 miles an hour. I feel like I have not really had a moment to breathe.  I am however, being quite productive in the time though.
  • H. - Breathing is overrated... ask Robyn - we still haven't figured out what's going on with her health - although Asthma has been ruled out and it looks like we're moving on to option 2 and 3, hoping we get answers soon!
W. - Since my parents are here and it is restaurant week in Charleston; perhaps Heather and I can have a date night.  Anything is possible.  
  • H. - Date night, what is this date night you speak of?
W. - I just saw an ad for a new sitcom called Trophy Wife.  Why did we get TV again?  
  • H. - I still don't watch the over the air shows - I'm too spoiled by the lack of commercials on Amazon Prime and Netflix to get much enjoyment from TV...
W. - I don't get political very often on here but seriously, just stay out of Syria.  There are no winners there.  It has quagmire written all over it.
  • H. - I totally agree - there can be no good in causing more bloodshed... there have to be better ways to deal with the atrocities instead of inciting World War III
H - Erik has totally taken to preschool!  Of course we're still working communicating with mom about what went on - every question I asked today was answered with "I got a sticker!"
  • W - I just get the bill...and therefore sticker shock.
H - I know my teacher friends will appreciate this one - I have become the tardy desk volunteer at Liam's school and I spent the last few weeks coasting along with a tardy or two - until yesterday ... officially two weeks and one day since school started, and the tardy student floodgate opened wide and the onslaught began... welcome to the rest of the school year...
  • W - I am just they are done the destruction along my drive route.  That is shortening the drive by 15 minutes.
H - I want to welcome my parents and their friends back to dry land after their two week cruise around Northern Europe... I wish they'd had a better trip - you can read about the issues on the boat at point 8 here, and I sincerely hope that their 42 day cruise that starts in October goes much more smoothly...

H - I am a horrible, no good, very bad granddaughter - I forgot until moments ago that it is my grandma's birthday today and it's now too late to call her - happy belated birthday!  I promise to call tomorrow.

  • W - Ditto