Monday Listicles

Thanks to Stasha for hosting this week - her topic is 10 ‘OH NO YOU DIDN’T’ MOMENTS

Since we're sharing the blog, we thought we'd share 10 ‘OH NO YOU DIDN’T’ MOMENTS from our kids... both the biological ones and the ones Wayne teaches... and a few of our own.

W - My favorite student story is one time I overheard two students talking about my wedding planning course:
Student 1: "Did you hear Dr. Smith is teaching a Wedding Planning Course?"
Student 2: "Dr. Smith's not gay..."

H - All of our kids have had speech impediments and most recently, Erik has been talking about going to the Aquarium see fish... the only problem is it sounds like 'b**ch'.. oops

W - Another student story comes from an advising appointment:
Student: I can't do classes before 10 am
Me: What happens when you get a job in the real world and they expect you to be at work in the morning?
Student: I'll just marry rich.

H. I got so worried about another speech issue several years ago... Liam came home from school when he was about 4 years old saying what sounded like "I'm a retard"... that of course caused a flurry of discussion with his teachers and staff at the school until his teacher heard him and realized that he was saying "I'm a race car" - he'd just started watching Cars...

W - I bash students, but I was also once a dumb student, so I should share one of mine... I had just answered a question in a Rec and Leisure class and the professor just looked at me and said "Smith, are stoned or just stupid? I hope you're stoned, because you can't be that stupid." Unfortunately, I wasn't stoned...

H - Robyn had speech impediments too, but no really funny stories other than the fact that her name is Robyn Loucks and she couldn't say Rs or Ls... so she'd Elmer Fudd her own name Wobyn Woucks... luckily with a little speech therapy in third grade, she was able to overcome and say her own name.

W - Going back to my dating days, I once invited a woman over to my place, cooked my 'special fried chicken' and had a lovely meal.  After dinner, we were watching a movie and I made a move.  She looked at me and said "I thought you were gay". I got the friend speech after that.  I am sensing a theme... perhaps my fabulous sense of style, good grooming and ability to cook one meal well give people the wrong impression.  

H - Robyn's other Oh No You Didn't story comes from a sad place, but it proves that sometimes kids are way more matter of fact than we adults are...  As some of you know, Robyn came to live with Wayne and I when she was 3, because her mother, Wayne's sister Shellie, had passed away.  When she moved in with us, she needed some new clothes so I took her to the local store... she sat down at the provided kids table and played while I shopped... the store staff person came over and asked Robyn where her mom was and she looked up and said matter of factly "My mom is dead." and went back to playing.  The poor staff person looked stricken and had no idea what to say next.  

W - My last one is a Heather oh no you didn't.  We were lying in bed one day and she announced "Don't forget that we're going engagement ring shopping today"  I didn't think we'd even discussed getting engaged, I know I'd never asked her... 

H - Rebuttal: We had discussed it - Wayne was planning to move to the US for his masters and if I was going with him we'd have to be married, so we'd discussed it and I thought we'd made the decision to go ahead and get married - and we'd also discussed shopping but he remembers it differently... then again, at least I didn't think he was gay...  We did find a lovely ring set that day and we were walking back to the car when he threw the box at me and said "I guess you want this now..." oh yes he did.