Friday Fragments

Thanks to Mrs. 4444s for hosting this weekly festival of fun.

  • I finally have new furniture for my office...I am no longer using old stuff pilfered from various office spaces.  Okay, it is not that exciting but I spend significant time there and I want it to be at least kind of inviting.
    • H - I'm just happy you are happy!  And I kinda like that you have real natural light in your office
  • Erik went to his first day of preschool this week.  The 4 am wake up with backpack indicated that he was excited about it.  
    • H- Yep, excited didn't cover it... the only time that there was a possibility of tears was when I picked him up and he wasn't ready to go... he'd be there all day, every day if he could... luckily Wayne packed some cookies in his backpack that helped lure Erik back to the car without tears... cause I would have been way crushed if he'd cried leaving ...
      • One side benefit though is that Erik has taken an active interest in potty training tonight... hopefully that continues
  • My Tuesday/Thursday basketball is making me feel real old.  I just need to remember it is about the weight loss and not about my lack of talent.  The sad truth is that I am prideful and I do not like the idea about being the crappiest player on the court.  The good thing is that I am stubborn enough not to give up.
    • h-Hate to tell you, but you are old...
  • My students wanted me to let class out early on Thursday so that they could watch football.  Ummmm, C of C doesn't have a football team.  I know the roosters (Carolina) and paws (Clemson) are popular but my loyalty is with the Cougars football or not.
  • I think I have talked to Heather for a grand total of maybe six minutes this week.  
    • h-Who are you again?
  • I wrote over 5000 words this week in various letters, encyclopedia entries and short pieces.  I am not getting to my article writing.  I am frustrated but I think Heather will divorce me if I work on Sunday.
    • H- I was bad... I barely wrote anything except forms - and cheques... I didn't even write as many blog posts as I should... lots to do this weekend
  • Then again, we have to do a mega clean this weekend and that always ends in up quite the arguments. I love my significant other but cleaning makes her grumpy.
    • H- I'll take the boys swimming while you clean ;-)
  • I wore one of my old shirts today.  After wearing my custom ones I got made in China, I feel like such a slob.  I could see how people get addicted to nice clothes.
    • H- I like your custom shirts too.. good thing I have your tailor's email address for Christmas presents.
  • It's been a busy few weeks - and getting used to the new schedule has been tough... but I am loving the volunteering in the morning...  Thank you Wayne for messing up your schedule for mine... 

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