Sponsored: Masterlock is helping us feel safer heading back to school!

One of the things that Robyn wanted most heading back to school next month is a new smartphone. She's been carrying a basic phone around since she started middle school and really wants to be able to keep in touch in more ways than phone and text while she's at school... and since the school blocks non-school email, Facebook and other social networking, her friends all have 3G or 4G phones to keep up to date during their lunch breaks. For me, it's not that I don't trust her to have a phone, it's just that there are so many thefts these days and I am not alone in thinking that - 60 percent of people worry about the security of their belongings while they or their children are at school*

Robyn is getting better about using her locker, but I remember when she was first starting middle school and struggled with the combination and her lock, so she just stopped using it - or she didn't actually lock her locker! This wasn't a big deal when she didn't have anything to steal other than a yummy homemade lunch, but now she carries her laptop, iPod, phone and more! 1 in 4 Americans say their child cannot always remember their combination or struggle to open their lock* and if this is your issue, then Master Lock has created a great new lock to combat that problem! 

This is the dialSpeed Digital Combination Lock!  It's this mama's combination lock gone hi-tech!  Not only can you create easy to remember and quick to use codes, but you can also retrieve a back up code from masterlockvault.com. You can also store multiple resettable guest codes in case she's off school sick and I need to ask a friend to bring home her books!  It's so simple to use that you can use it one handed, so you don't drop all of those text books, electronics and 'stuff' you're carrying!

Having a lock you can trust is so important because while theft is fairly uncommon at my daughter's school, kids are bringing so many more tempting targets to school with them.  Electronics including cell phones, iPods and laptops are the most commonly stolen items on college campuses**

Master Lock also has some other great new solutions for back to school including:

  • SafeSpace™ Portable Safe: Keep your things safe while socializing. Stash cash, jewelry, credit cards and more in the SafeSpace for security on-the-go
  • SafeSpace™ Laptop Computer LockDelivering peace-of-mind for college bound students, the SafeSpace allows you to walk away from your laptop without your laptop “walking away” from you
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I know that I feel safer sending Robyn back to school with Master Lock products as part of her back to school kit and if you are looking for the same kind of peace of mind you should totally check out Master Lock for all of your lock and portable security products needs!

*Survey conducted by Survey Monkey from 3/12/13 - 3/14/13 among Americans representative of a National U.S. Census

**According to an ORC International Report 'School/Theft Statistics' prepared for Master Lock April 11, 2012

Photos provided by Master Lock.