Monday Listicles...

Heather is too busy to write her Listicle why I am so awesome, so I thought I would write them for her.*


10.  He has incredible memory of sports statistics and citations from obscure articles about subjects no one cares about yet can not remember birthdays, anniversaries and other non-important factoids (like his children's names).

9. He is an incredible lover with a massive... ego

8. Wayne keeps his massive ego in check at times.

7. His ability to make jokes are on par with that of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.  Bazinga!

6.  He does clean and he will do all of the gross stuff - toilet, sink and stove. He also does the garbage, vacuuming and recycling.  If he was willing to cook more, he could be June Cleaver.

5.  He is a morning person and is willing to get the kids up, ready and out of the house. This includes making lunches.

4.  Wayne is obviously trainable teachable.

3.  Living with Wayne is like living with a Vulcan at times.  Good thing he practices Pon Farr..

2.  Wayne started blogging to share something in common with me.

1.  Wayne's willing to accept people for who and what they are.

* - Personally I don't think Heather could come up with ten items.