Guest Review: Ameda Nursing Cami

One of the things I miss most about my kids growing up is that I no longer have the chance to connect with them while nursing... but I don't miss trying to find the right bras and camis as a nursing mom, so when Acting Balanced was asked to review the Ameda Nursing Cami, I turned to my friend and guest reviewer, Annie, who has just weened her son after about 20 months of nursing and is pregnant with a daughter and who I know would give you the skinny on the Ameda Nursing Cami!

Here's the description from Ameda:

Breastfeeding moms need supportive intimates that prevent compression and encourage healthy lactation. Introducing the new Ameda Intimates Nursing Bra and Nursing Camisole collection – a line designed specifically to provide nursing moms with the ultimate in comfort and support. Backed by more than 70 years of experience in the breastfeeding category, Ameda is proud to announce this latest addition to its wide range of products. With flexible microfiber fabric and dual side knit panels, both the bras and camisoles adapt to a mother’s changing shape and won’t cut into her skin. Featuring lightly absorbent properties, the intimates also work to prevent bacteria growth and odors, which can be a major concern for new moms. The fabric is free from harmful substances, reducing the risk of skin irritation and allergic reaction for both mom and baby.

The line ranges from $39.99 (bra) - $44.99 (camisole) at, and

Here's Annie's Reaction:

I was recently given an opportunity to try out the new Ameda nursing tank. The tank is beautiful; the fabric is thick, soft, and stretchy. It fits the abdomen snugly, which I think will be perfect for the first few weeks after delivering baby girl this summer! The clasps are a ball-and-joint type fastener, rather than the typical clip you see on nursing bras. I was able to fasten it with one hand (with some maneuvering) but it was much easier to fasten using both hands.

 The Ameda tank has a soft cup bra built in, which offers more support than most shelf tanks. Being a larger woman on top, I really prefer the level support an underwire provides for being out and about, so I will most likely use this product around the home. The tank fit me well, but runs a little small for the sizing chart. I’m right in the middle of my size on the chart. When checking the chart, if you are on the upper end of a size, I would definitely recommend purchasing the next size. In all, I am very pleased with their new line and wouldn’t mind having a few more to add to my wardrobe!

Back to Heather:

Thank you so much for your insights, Annie!  I too struggle with finding the right size for things so I really appreciate your comment about going up a size!  For those who prefer bras over camis, here is a picture for you:

For those of you who nursed or are currently nursing, what tips do you have for finding the right fit for you? What do you like in a nursing cami or bra?  Would you like to try the Ameda Nursing Cami or Nursing Bra?