Guest Post: Storage Tips for the Great Outdoorsman

Your garage can only hold so many kayaks, snowmobiles, and sets of scuba and ski equipment while housing your vehicles. When you enter your garage to start your car up in the ritual warming process in mid January, that kayak and those river toys seem like they are taking up too much space (as nobody in their right mind would engage in water sports while ice drifts are present). The blog offers some great tips on how to maximize your storage space, and focuses on specific items to store, such as books. This article will address how storing seasonal items will not only make your home less cluttered, but how it will make your outdoor hobbies easier to enjoy.

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The Accoutrements of Winter and Summer Fun

Depending on where you live, as an avid outdoorsman, winter is a time for snowmobiling, ice fishing, hunting, skiing, snowshoeing and sledding. Summer, on the other hand, ushers in the fun of water skiing, surfing, cycling, rock climbing and scuba diving (or you may be a gutsy ice divers). It is a safe assumption to make that when you are out having some cross-country skiing adventure, you will not be playing beach volleyball the following day. Utilizing a storage locker for those summer items in the winter months (and vice versa) not only frees up space in your home, but it will make your favorite activities more accessible and easier to prep. For example, if you rent a storage space near the lake, you can keep the sporting goods acceptable for that season on hand, so that all you have to do is drive to the unit, pick up the gear, and in minutes set it up by the waterside. If you are an ice fisherman, keeping your shanty, portable heater, portable depth finder, cooler, portable recliner, lures, scales, and other tools neat the lake will make the set-up process a breeze. The same can be said for the summer months. Forget going through the ritual of strapping your kayak to the top of your vehicle; simply pick it up at your storage locker and hit the open water.

If you really want to free up space, you can even store all your sporting goods in a locker, and rotate what is in season up to the front of the unit.

Getting the Most Bang for your Buck

This is not a hunting reference, but rather a call to inform readers that choosing the right type of storage unit will give you a greater return on your storage investment. In an article by Yahoo, the author writes that choosing a storage locker isn’t as easy as pinpointing a practical location and locking the door. For example, be sure you don’t buy a space that is larger than you need. If you think you might be adding more items to the storage space, keep what you have and upgrade when the time comes. Also, late fees are incurred when you become past due. Make sure to use a facility that offers automatic payments to avoid these fees and the hassle of having to remember to pay a bill. Ask about long-term discounts. Since your outdoor activities are going to be a part of your life until you are too old to do anything but sit by the fire and grumble, you will be using the storage space for most of your life. Ask about a long-term discount as a gesture to earn your customer loyalty.

Surf or Ski
With a storage unit near your outdoor stomping grounds, you will be able to engage in both of these activities with convenience and ease unlike you have ever experienced before. Do some research and check your area to find a company that can offer you the best deal, and that will make prep time as simple as making an overhand cast across the lake.