Guest Post: Tips for Moving Across the Country as a Military Family

Military families rarely get to settle down in one area for too long. Sometimes you do though and when a move comes up it can be difficult finding what to do with all your items. The longer a family is in one place the easier it is to acquire a lot of furniture items. When that happens and you do need to move, these tips will come in handy to get everything moved across the country.

Sell Items Before Your Move
To make your move easier across the country consider what you really need to take with you. While there are a lot of wonderful items you may have not all of them may be necessary. There are some great sites you could sell items that you know you will not need. You may also consider selling items and purchasing new ones when you move across country. There are many who find this much easier than trying to move everything they own now. You can also consider donating items that you plan on replacing anyway. If you have considered  replacing items in your home this would be a perfect time to do so. When you are moving donate items that you may not want to move so others can use them.

Rent a Local Storage Unit
Another great idea is to utilize local self storage units in strategic locations for specific items during the move. Big, valuable items can be easily stored in a secure, climate-controlled unit near the future or former home. For example, if you are forced into a quick move from San Diego all the way to Fort Worth, TX consider renting a storage unit to keep your larger items like sofas, dining room furniture and other items in storage while you’re house-hunting.

Consider these great ideas when you have to move across the country with your military family. You can keep your items safe and secure while you are settling in. If your items get there before you do it also gives you peace of mind that they are secure no matter where you are in the journey.