Guest Post: The Secrets Behind 6 Month Braces

In a world where many adults remember the embarrassing, huge, shiny silver braces of their youth, six month braces sound like a dream come true. If you’re unhappy of self-conscious about your teeth and smile, you don’t have to cover up anymore. Instead, many adults are wearing six month braces as a quick solution to a big problem.

Combining new orthodontic techniques with modernized materials and innovation, six month braces are clear and unnoticeable. These braces will slowly align your teeth, averaging about six months per patient. Six month braces are not just lighting fast and effective, but they’re budget-friendly, too.

This revolution in orthodontics has made is possible for adults to wear braces and straighten their smile without a long time commitment or drastic change in their appearance. Clear brackets and extremely thin, tooth-colored wires fit onto your teeth without anybody knowing the difference. Plus, treatment time is super-fast. Where it used to take at least one year to straighten teeth with traditional braces, six month clear braces gets the job done in under one year. Some clients wear these braces for up to nine months whereas others get away with only needing their braces for four months.

Many people assume that because treatment time is so short, the process of moving and aligning teeth must be extreme. In actuality, though, it’s not. The teeth are moved with low force, instead utilizing advanced technology and avoiding harsh techniques. This means that clear, six month braces have much less discomfort than traditional metal braces.

The only teeth that will be covered with six month braces are the ones that people see when you smith. This is termed the “aesthetic zone” and the area of the mouth that most adults are concerned with. These braces won’t change your bite or jaw line in any significant way, which is part of the reason why you can be done with the process in just half a year. Plus, you’ll get away with minimal visits to your dentist as your braces are working their magic. Since six month braces focus on just one segment of the mouth, the chances of having damage to your teeth or roots is minimal.

Studies have proven that having a healthy smile can contribute to self-confidence. Adults aren’t the only people who struggle with this, either. Six month braces are available for most people over the age of 15.

About this Article: This article has been provided by East Coast Orthodontics, an orthodontic practice that was established in Dublin, Ireland in 1997. They offer a range of various treatments including 6 month braces and teeth straightening services. For more information visit the website.