Guest Post: Is Carpet the Right Floor Covering for you?

With various floor coverings found throughout different homes, it is often difficult to know which one will provide the best living environment for your family. Carpeting, tiling, hardwood timber flooring, laminate and floating floors are just a few of the covering options available. Carpeting has been the preferred choice for flooring for many years, offering a homely feel to many houses. While carpet remains to be a popular option, is it really the best choice for your family? Read on to discover the benefits and disadvantages of using carpet throughout your home.

Different Types of Floor Coverings

To determine whether carpeting is the right choice for your family, you must first be aware of the various floor covering options available to consumers. The variety of floor coverings can seem virtually endless, including everything from polished concrete, timber hardwood and laminate, through to slate, tiling, floorboards and carpets. Each style of covering offers its own benefits and disadvantages, including hypoallergenic materials, strong durability, easily cleanable surfaces and aesthetically pleasing natures.

The Benefits of Carpeting

As aforementioned, carpeting has been a popular choice throughout homes, mainly due to its aesthetically pleasing qualities and the warmth that it brings to a house. Carpeting is particularly common in houses that are situated in colder environments, as it provides a level of extra insulation; beneficial for warmth, as well as noise reduction. Many families choose to use carpeting throughout their homes, as it provides a softer surface for slips and falls during playtime.
Carpeting is also a great addition to unfinished floors, as it provides a great deal of protection. Choosing carpet as a floor covering is often related closely with providing a luxurious and lavish feel to one’s home. While it is evident that carpet is one of the most aesthetically pleasing floor designs, there are a few aspects that have families questioning its worth.

Disadvantages to Carpeting your Home

The reason why many families are now choosing different floor coverings is simply due to the high maintenance levels of carpeting. Carpeting is known to provide the perfect environment for creating a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Dust mites are also frequently found in carpeted surfaces, making an undesirable living environment for allergy sufferers. While vacuuming removes surface dirt and everyday dust, it often fails to remove the deeper build-up of bacteria and germs.
Spills and marks are also much more difficult to clean off carpeted surfaces, in comparison to that of tiled or laminated floors. Carpeting should always be avoided in areas of high foot traffic, as it tends to mark easily and can become incredibly unhygienic, without difficulty.

Author Bio
Damien is one of the leading new home builders NSW, Australia, has to offer. He says that while there are a number of aesthetic advantages to carpeting your floors, you should always consider the maintenance required, along with the health and comfort of your family and visitors.