Friday Fragments

I love helping out with school book fairs... the only problem is that now that I've run them, I am having a hard time going back into just 'volunteer' mode... although it was very nice to just walk away from the whole thing and leave someone else to sort out the financials and the forms...

I appreciate when companies keep me on their info lists for new opportunities, but it's pretty bad when I get four cut and paste emails from different people in the same company to tell me about one new thing... especially when I wrote back to the first one saying I wasn't interested... I guess I too can cut and paste my response...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian family and friends... I have to wait 6 more weeks until the turkeys are on sale ... so enjoy an extra bit of dark meat for me ;-)

I am totally loving all of the great things that Disney has coming down the pipe... I've been sharing some of their fun stuff on my blog regularly and I just got these two great updates:

The trailer for The Lone Ranger

and this great clip from FRANKENWEENIE (that opens today!!!)

Did you see that they are going to remove Aspergers as a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum?  It's something of a semantics argument  but I think it will help more children and adults get access to what they need in terms of support (I hope) and it will go a long way to really defining Autism as a true Spectrum disorder... I just worry about a 'catch all term' for such an individual diagnosis... because if you meet one person with Autism you've seen how Autism affects that one person...

Speaking of just one person with Autism... I found an amazing story in the Toronto Star about a fabulous little girl with Autism and her YouTube Video.  You can read the whole story here and I've embedded the YouTube video here:

My final thought for the day:

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