Itty Bitty Fragments this Friday

It's book fair time again!  This time I am not running it - the media specialist at Liam's school runs most of it himself... but I did spend half of yesterday there setting up and all day today volunteering!  I don't go back until Tuesday, which is the last day of the sale ... it feels a little strange after being the one running the whole thing at Robyn's middle school for three years.

Liam surprised me today when he came into the book fair... he did not pick up any of the books that I expected him to like but instead found one that hadn't even been on my radar for him... We are now the proud owners of:

It looks like it will be a big hit!

I am finally feeling better after several days with the 'icks' - I missed Liam's class field trip to Burger King last Friday and didn't really venture out much at all until Wednesday this week...  I want to thank Wayne for putting up with me... I was a grouchy icky sicky...

Well, it wasn't really a great frag post, but my brain is shutting down for the night and hanging up a closed sign, so I suggest that you catch up with Wayne's frags and then head over to see what everyone else is fragging about:
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