Friday Fragments - From a Fragmented Mind!

Big thanks to my father in law and wonderful hubby, who replaced my poop stained white walls with this fabulous pale golden color:

There is a wave of posting about being a terrible, no good, very bad mom, in support of fellow mom blogger Jen from Life With Levi who was hit with hateful comments on her Facebook page - you can see the whole list of great posts at my friend Cristina's blog Tailor Made Momma!

Things seem to be coming in waves for me lately - this week it was a wave of great giveaways - everything from an Amazon GC to great DVD's for kids ... you can see them all on the top left hand sidebar if you are interested.

My middle baby is now SIX!  Yep, he had his birthday last Saturday and we're still enjoying the cupcakes and cookies that we bought for the party...

Last Friday, I got to go to a really fun event in Charlotte hosted by Disney Social Media and Maria Bailey from MomTalkRadio!  We didn't get to hear too much about Disney Social Media, but we did get to hear from some great speakers including Shannon Miller, '96 Olympic Gold Medalist, mom and entrepreneur:

It also meant that I got a good night's sleep - two other bloggers and I stayed overnight at the conference hotel and it was so nice not to be woken up by kids in the middle of the night!

I'm excited for tomorrow - it's Liam's first field trip with his class this year ... they are walking to Burger King two blocks away from school and I'm meeting them there.  I can't believe the paperwork required now for field trip parents - I had to have a form in 3 days before the trip with my driver's license and other personal details that needs to be vetted downtown before I am approved to attend.  This has to happen for every field trip I go on with his class now... luckily the teacher sent me a pdf of the form and I've saved my info so next time all I have to do is print it, add the field trip date and sign it... but man it might be just a little overboard ... 

Well, since it's almost midnight and I've gotta be on my A game for the field trip, I'll sign off now and send you over to Mrs. 4444's place to see what all the other fraggers have said:

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