DVD Review: Dinosaur Train - Big, Big, Big

Hop on the Dinosaur Train and join Buddy the T.Rex and his adoptive family of Pteranodons as they travel around and meet some of the biggest dinosaurs in  Dinosaur Train: Big Big Big.  Buddy and his Pteranodon siblings embark on new adventures traveling back to the Jurassic Period, riding on the newest Dinosaur Train car – the flatbed, and earning their Junior Conductor hats.  Buddy even gets to meet another adopted dinosaur!  

Buddy and the Pteranodon kids hop on the Dinosaur Train to meet some of the biggest dinosaurs around! They meet Allie Alamosaurus an enormous long-necked plant-eating sauropod; Denise Diplodocus whose neck and tail the kids mistake for a snake and a bridge; and Apollo Apatosaurus a huge long-necked long-tailed dinosaur looking for adventure. Finally they visit their old friend Arnie Argentinosaurus who has gotten too big to ride the Dinosaur Train-until Tiny and Buddy arrange for him to ride on the new flatbed car! 


  • Remember the Alamosaurus 
  • Heck of a Neck 
  • An Apatosaurus Adventure 
  • Arnie Rides the Flat Car 
  • Ned the Quadruped 
  • One Big Dinosaur 
  • Dinosaur Poop 
  • All Kinds of Families


We love Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don in this household!  As a mom, I really like that dinosaurs are discussed and compared in a toddler friendly way - many of the other documentaries about Dinosaurs these days are interesting and factual but really aren't for my boys understanding level... and they are both Dinosaur fans!

Erik loves to Roar with Buddy and Liam is always glued to the TV set when I pop in this DVD.  The other thing I love is that each episode comes with a learning element from Dr. Scott the Paleontologist that reinforces the concepts being taught by each cartoon sequence.  I also really like that each episode is short and sweet, making this a perfect DVD to slip in to the car system when the boys are getting a little squirmy when we run errands!  My favorite episode on this disk has to be Ned the Quadruped, followed closely by All Kinds of Families!

If your little ones are keen Dinosaur fans then you really need to add  Dinosaur Train: Big Big Big  to your collection - you won't regret it!