Product Review: Dust-Off: Ultimate Screen Cleaning Kit

I received a package in the mail that every parent who has electronics needs... a screen cleaning kit!

The Dust-Off: Ultimate Screen Cleaning Kit  contains a variety of tools for cleaning your screens.  The kit (which retails at $24.99) contains: 1) A EVA storage case; 2) a screen shammy; 3) a plasma screen cloth; 4) a CD/DVD Cloth; 5) a sweep key fob; and 6) the Dust-off Advanced LCD/Plasma Screen Spray.

I tested the product on three surfaces.  The first was using the CD/DVD Cloth.  Having two small children in the house, finger prints (and whatever was on said fingers) on DVDs is a common issue.  I used the CD/DVD cloth and it worked well.  The finger prints and a little of what I think (hope) was juice was wiped off the DVD and it played.

The second surface was a regular LCD computer screen (my lap top).  For this, I used the Dust-Off Advanced Screen Spray and the Screen Shammy.  My monitor was pretty dirty as I had just returned from a conference and it had been back and forth in my lap top bag.  The monitor had plenty of dust, finger prints and a couple of unidentifiable streaks.  The product worked as advertised with only a quick spray and a light swiping.  There was only one streak that required a second swipe with a little more elbow grease to fully get rid of it.

The last surface I tested it on was an iPad surface.  For this once again I used the Dust-Off Advanced Screen Spray but with the Sweep Key Fob.  Once again, the product worked quite well.  The key fob would be of better use on a iPhone or iPod (slight smaller surfaces) though.

Overall, the product works as advertised.  It is nicely packaged (though I wish they labelled the different clothes a little better) and the case is nice for keeping things all together.  The case is also easy to find when tossed into a desk drawer.  The $24.99 retail price is not cheap but the product is worth the price.  If one got it an sale for $19.99, it was be a great deal.

Disclaimer: This product was furnished at no cost for the purpose review. All opinions are my own.