Friday Fragments

I spent three hours in a car this afternoon because I love my family... the first hour and a half was because Wayne forgot something he needed for his course - and I needed to drive it out to him... the second half was because I was planning to pick up my daughter from a hang-out date... but she had been trying to get in touch with me to see if she could stay for a sleepover... which I agreed to... so now I'm spending an hour and a half driving to pick her up in the morning ... Wayne - make sure you take everything you need, cause I won't have time to drive out to Kiawah tomorrow morning ;-)

Yep, I'm officially a golf widow for the next 9 days... Wayne and his students are part of history - they're at the 2012 PGA Championship ... but they'll be too busy to actually watch the golf... I'm hoping they have a great time anyway!

I had the opportunity to go and watch Monday's practice round... but I turned it down... 'cause I'm not really a golf girl and they were strictly general admission tickets... no hanging out in the suites or the hospitality tent - and I would have had to pay a babysitter... Wayne used the tickets as incentives for his students so it stays a win-win!

Have any other bloggers noticed a huge upswing in emails asking us to post pinterest and facebook contests for companies that I've never worked with or heard of?

I'm so jealous of my bloggy friends who are HEARTING NYC at BlogHer... hoping that when they announce next year's conference location that it will be a doable trip from Charleston!  Here's hoping for Atlanta, Charlotte, anywhere in the Southeast?

I have a new tv addiction - thanks Netflix - it's the series The Glades... just found it and am enjoying the first season... hopefully it stays as fun and exciting in the next season?

Apparently, I need to wrap up my frags and send you to visit Mrs. 4444 and the rest of the merry fraggers because I'm being kidnapped by my hubby...

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