Friday Fragments, the Dunkin' Donuts edition

Yep, today's Frags are brought to you in honor of my bloggy meet up at the Meeting Street location of Dunkin' Donuts yesterday!

One of the great by-products of blogging is being able to get together and chat with other bloggers - and yesterday was an interesting combination of foodies, mommies and home-making bloggers and some friends and family!  Here's a pic of the bloggers:

While I didn't tag them on Facebook, I will give a shout out to all of their blogs - from the left - 

I also want to give a shout out to a yummy breakfast treat that I was introduced to... 
an absolutely fabulous Egg Whites Sandwich.  What I love is that this sandwich is available in both veggie or meat (turkey sausage) versions and it's only 280 calories!

And to wash it down... my absolute favorite drink from today was the Vanilla Chai Latte:

We got to try a whole lot of other wonderful faves... 
you can check out the rest of the story in my Facebook Album

In other frags, Robyn and I took the boys to see Super Why Live at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center - they both had a blast... and Erik even got a cat nap in during the first part of the show...
then he got so into the show that he was on the edge of someone else's seat:

Well, it's been a busy few days.. and I'm off to nag Robyn about doing her summer reading homework, so I'll leave you to visit Mrs. 4444 and the other great fraggers at this link:

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