Forget Me Not Book Excerpt and Tour Info

I am so pleased to be part of the Forget Me Not Blog Tour and be able to share an excerpt from this fabulous book by Belinda Boring:

Book Excerpt #7

“Can we get started on that list then? I think it’s time,” I whispered. “Kiss me.”
He was slow to move, taking me into his arms as though I was the most precious of gifts. A peace settled within me, and as his mouth descended on mine, I stopped all thoughts of the past week and focused solely on him.
It was the softest of caresses, barely there as his breath fanned over my skin, causing me to relax in his embrace. I felt his finger brush through the strands of hair around my face, and as he repeated the motion, I instinctively leant into it.
My eyes had closed, but as I waited for him to return his mouth to mine, I opened them and found him staring intently at me. I wasn’t sure what he was thinking about—there was a war of emotions displayed. His gaze moved over my face as if he wasn’t quite sure I was real, and after a brief moment of hesitancy, he closed the distance again and kissed me.
This time it was firmer and the tip of his tongue traced the seam of my lips. The sensation of it caused tingles to erupt everywhere, but I wanted more—needed more, and I pressed against him harder. Hoping it would be the thing that caused a spark, the flash that would intensify the experience, Mason didn’t respond the way I wanted. Instead, he continued to brush his lips, slowly moving his mouth over mine. His arms tighten slightly, and I gave myself in to the almost reverent strokes.
His attention caused my body to slowly liquefy as his hand gently cupped the back of my head. We were together, and this was perfect.
When he pulled away, I kept my eyes closed, wanting to hold on to the sensations swirling around inside me. He traced along my bottom lip, the back and forth motion tender. I heard him move, and then he replaced his thumb with his mouth again.
I tried to deepen the kiss, but he was content with the pace he had set. Breaking apart, I took hold of his head, my own fingers rubbing the sides of his jaw. I brought my face close, and I looked him in his eyes.
“Is that any way to kiss your future mate, Mason O’Connor? When I asked you to kiss me, I had something like this in mind.” I leaned in, and nipping his lip between my teeth, I tugged on it slightly before letting go. I returned, this time with my tongue, and I savored way his skin felt as I brushed the tip over his mouth.
I stood, immediately feeling the absence of his body, but it wasn’t for long as I pushed him back slightly the rock so I could straddle him. Placing my hands on his shoulders, I lowered myself into his lap, and was rewarded by him putting his hands on my hips.
“Repeat after me, Mason,” I said, adopting a stern voice. “I’m going to kiss you senseless.”
“I am?” he replied. His eyes lit up, a slow smile causing the corners of his mouth to curl. His fingers flexed, and the pressure felt right. I brushed his hair away from his eyes before letting them slip to the top of his chest.
“That’s not what I asked you to say.” I slapped him lightly.
His gaze travelled over my face. “I think we need to talk about our mating.”
“After you kiss me senseless,” I stated. “The words Mason. Kiss. Me. Senseless,” I ordered, placing a pause in between each word. Not caring that it hadn’t worked earlier, I slammed my love down through the connection we had, and I knew it worked as Mason’s body rocked back  with the force. “Don’t need to think. Need to be kissed. Now.”
That was all the invitation he needed. “I’m going to kiss you senseless now, Darcy.” He grinned, a smoldering heat firing up in his eyes.
“About time ….” I began to answer, but I was cut off by the weight of his mouth crushing down.

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