Book Review: Can't Hurry Love by Molly O'Keefe

If you've been reading Acting Balanced for a while, you know that I love continuity series because you get to know so much more about the characters who feature in the sequel... and that's one of the reasons that I love Can't Hurry Love.  Victoria, Jacob, Eli and the rest of the family were introduced in last month's Can't Buy Me Love (that I reviewed here).  I had a chance to meet Molly over the summer and we ended up talking about everything under the sun... except her books... but I'm sure I'll get a chance to catch up with her in the future and if you have any questions for her about this book or about writing, I'll be sure to pass them along...

From the Publisher:

When her husband committed suicide (after being caught in a Ponzi scheme), Victoria lost everything-all of the pretty trappings of a high society life financed by other people's money. And she also lost her sense of self. After all, who is she besides Joel's ornamental wife? But when her dying father coaxes her and her half-brother to his Texas ranch, Victoria sees an opportunity for a new life for her and her beloved son Jacob. But a handsome cowboy with some heavy baggage of his own stands in her way. For Eli has his heart set on owning the very land that she now seeks to control, and he's not about to back down. Particularly not when Victoria decides to give the ranch a makeover-into a spa. But Victoria and Eli will realize that the one person standing in their way may just end up being the one person they can't do without.

My Review:

Can two people overcome their pasts and get together, even when they are bent on staying apart?  I love romance novels where both characters have flaws and pasts... it makes them more human and more real in my estimation and you can't get much more real than Victoria and Eli....

This book doesn't let either character be a victim, but forces them to confront their issues, stand on their own feet and take control of their destiny... which makes this a fabulous summer read and a great story to add to your TBR pile.

Molly O'Keefe's writing style keeps this book fresh, engaging and entertaining and if you are a fan of the romance genre than I suggest you pick this book up today!

About the Author:

Molly O’Keefe has always known she wanted to be a writer (except when she wanted to be a florist or a chef and the brief period of time when she considered being a cowgirl). And once she got her hands on some romances, she knew exactly what she wanted to write.
She published her first Harlequin romance at age 25 and hasn’t looked back. She loves exploring every character’s road towards happily ever after.
Originally from a small town outside of Chicago, she went to university in St. Louis where she met and fell in love with the editor of her school newspaper. They followed each other around the world for several years and finally got married and settled down in Toronto, Ontario. They welcomed their son into their family in 2006, and their daughter in 2008. When she’s not at the park or cleaning up the toy room, Molly is working hard on her next novel, trying to exercise, stalking Tina Fey on the internet and dreaming of the day she can finish a cup of coffee without interruption.

You can reach Molly at  and on TwitterFacebook and Goodreads

Disclaimer: I received a digital ARC to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.