She Said/He Said... blogging

On April first this year I wrote an April Fool's prank post that incorporated some elements of truth in it - it is really hard balancing all of my blogging, promotion and prep with family, friends and keeping my house in some semblance of order... so when we had a fairly long drive recently, Wayne and I started talking about blogging... and how he wants to do things like product reviews, but not on Touristic...

and how I dream of getting the second blog, whose domain I bought several months ago and am sitting on until I have time to design it, up and running.

So we've decided that Acting Balanced will become even more balanced... Wayne is going to be authoring a few posts a week for Acting Balanced but also keeping his blog to post more personal things.  Wayne has also discovered a love for editing digital photos, so instead of just seeing the snaps I take all the time,  I hope that you will find more interesting pictures and displays for all of our posts!

I look forward to seeing how his posts balance mine in the coming weeks!