Friday Fragments - where Wayne helps out...

Well my frags are in a holding pattern, waiting for the license plates to come in for my car... if they come in today, we're off to Canada, and if not... well, we're just not going there okay?

It's been nice having Wayne home this week - we've been able to take the boys out hiking and exploring the past few days - stop back by on Sunday to check out some pics.

Wayne cuts in:

Heather wrote her first two frags and got stalled.   Being the good husband I am I agreed to finish her frags for her.
I went to a blogging conference this week.  It was fun hanging out with other bloggy types and I really enjoyed having two nights of uninterrupted sleep.
  • On a related note:  Wayne, my amazing, super intelligent husband took marvelous care of the kids. 
This morning Wayne was photo editing pictures I took of our hike yesterday.  He commented twice on him having ‘fat’ pictures.  I sometimes wonder who the woman is in the family.
  • On a related note: His weight loss is doing wonders for his incredible bed room stamina.
If you ever wondered Wayne and I operate as a couple, you should come back on Saturday for our weekly He Said/ She Said post.
  • On a related note: It is the only time he ever has a chance to win an argument against me. 
Reading these frags, I think I should have Wayne write my frags every week.
  • On a related note: Perhaps not.   His ego couldn’t handle it.

Back to Heather:

I love how wonderful my hubby is... he even steps into the breach when I get writer's block... happy fragging everyone - check out what everyone else wrote at:
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