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As many of you know, our family is preparing for our annual trek north and although we've purchased our new to us minivan for a great price, we still need to make sure we economize as much as we can both during our vacation and making sure we have everything we need to get to our destination in one piece both mentally and physically.

I love being able to plan out everything now so that there are fewer surprises lurking in the corners - making sure that we have enough activities, new movies, books and toys for the kids to while away the hours, emergency equipment and the car in good repair, snacks and drinks so that we aren't paying outrageous prices and buying high sugar, low nutrition snacks and of course finding great and affordable accommodations!

My plan this year is pretty simple - since Erik is not a very amenable shopper these days, preferring to play chase or hide and go seek rather than help his mama shop - I am going to do almost all of my preparation shopping ONLINE!

I've made my list of what I think we'll need and my first step is to see whether I can find a promo code for any of the websites I'm shopping at, because I definitely don't want to pay extra for shipping and I'd love to be able to save even more than the advertised prices!

The next step will be to see how much I can get at just one store - combining my order all together may qualify me for more discounts and will definitely save on shipping!

Finally, once I get everything that I physically need, my next step will be to figure out how I can pack it all... and of course check out hotel deals and also check in to see what attractions might have deals that would make them enticing stops along our route!  I'm not adverse to adding a few miles for a side trip if it helps tire the kids out or makes h!ubby happier to be in the car...

I think that by saving the running around and wear and tear on my car and myself and shopping online, I'll be able to start the trip in the right frame of mind... and hopefully finish that way too!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of promotioncode.org.  All opinions are my own.