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The questions to discuss this week are:

At what moment did you (or do you think you'd) know that your partner was the 'one' for you?

You'd think with a wonderful man like Wayne there would have been an aha moment, but really it was a combination of everything he does that makes me know he's the one for me... we started out as friends and colleagues and as I sat and talked to him after a bad break up we started to gel... Wayne takes everything he does to the next level... when we worked at the summer camp he would don a suit and make me dress up for the first day of camp so we could do a dance routine for the kids, when he left in the fall to head back to university, I'd get care packages and cards in the mail and long emails from him on a regular basis... he actually read and listened and cared about what was going on in my world ... and he still does!

The beauty of our relationship for me isn't that we have moments... it's that we have the time between moments that makes it really special for me.

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