Friday Fragments

I have a few minutes this evening while the boys aren't killing each other so I thought I'd get started on this week's fragments...

First off... an update on last week's frags... we bought a new mini-van!!! We are finally back to being a two car family after more than six years!!

We managed to stay under budget (by $75, but still under) and I got everything I wanted - second row captain's seats, stow and go seating and the ability to put a car seat in the third row seat!  The only thing on Wayne's list that it doesn't have is leather seats, but you can't have everything...  It's a Chrysler Town and Country and I'm hoping it will serve our family well!

Robyn and Wayne are out this evening at her school's sports awards banquet- isn't she pretty:


She is also the talk of her school for a more academic reason - Wayne took her to see her friends in the school drama production yesterday and he was stopped by every teacher and administrator to congratulate him on having such a smart kid - she scored a 291 out of a possible 300 on this term's MAP assessment which is the highest score ever recorded at her school!

Liam seems to be better about getting on the bus this week... not great, but not nearly as upset... still no idea why he wasn't himself last week...

Erik... Erik... Erik... is an 18 month old with a toe fetish... he keeps trying to bite my toes, Wayne's toes... anyone whose toes are within range... so far I haven't resorted to trying the anti-bite nail polish but I'm close... if anyone else has suggestions I'm happy to listen...

I ran across a fun sweepstakes - I'm kinda a glade addict, so I entered... but I thought I'd share so you can too..

I normally post my kindle freebies on Tuesdays but I ran across these ones that are limited time freebies, so I thought I'd share them here... (and you don't need a kindle to read them - just a computer or other device)
Free from May 4-6   and  free from May 5-6

I've also gotten back into the giveaway swing this Spring (-- Check out the left sidebar at the top of my page to enter to win some great things!)  I think there's probably something for almost everyone there... and I recommend entering the Char Crust giveaway if you're looking for a fun Father's Day gift for your fave BBQ guy!  You get a great bonus entry for your choice of one of my giveaways by commenting here on FF too!  So don't forget to use it!

Well, my fragging time lasted longer than I expected, but I just heard a crash so I'll sign off and let you get on to seeing what the other fragmented people have to say at:
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