Q&A - Snip-Its and #Autism Awareness...

One of the things I dread most are Liam's haircuts... he has significant sensitivities about anyone being near his head so his haircuts are quite an affair with him having to sit and be restrained on either my lap or Wayne's at a hair place that understands what we are dealing with... I really wish we had a Snip-its close by and here's a quick q&a about why:

1. How did Snip-its become involved in Autism Awareness and fundraising?

Snip-its salons have long been supporting families and children with autism. The Snip-its Corporation, together with Autism Speaks, created a haircutting guide and educational DVD for stylists and parents of children with autism to help prepare the kids for the salon experience. All of Snip-its’ stylists are certified - through a training program developed by The Snip-its Corporation and Autism Speaks - to work with children with autism and other special needs. Fundraisers are just another way we like to show our support for these families and the organizations that support them. We're currently doing a national fundraiser for Autism Speaks, but for our grand openings around the country, we partner with local autism and/or special needs organizations and conduct fundraisers over the course of our grand opening weekends for them.

2. What are you doing about Autism Awareness Month 2012?

Snip-its is implementing programs in salons across the nation in April as part of National Autism Awareness Month. Snip-its salons are hosting a series of fundraisers and other activities from April 1 - 30 to benefit Autism Speaks, the leader in research development, awareness and advocacy for families and children on the spectrum.

3. What is different about giving kids with Autism a haircut?

It's about knowing and understanding their behaviors and being able to work efficiently to give them the best possible experience and service.

4. Tell me a little more about Snip-its - how many locations do you have and where are they?

Snip-its currently has 66 locations across the U.S. - from Maine to Florida to California. For a complete list of locations, visit http://www.snipits.com/locations.

5. Any plans to expand into Charleston, SC? My little guy with Autism gets his hair cut twice a year because it's such a traumatic experience for him... and this sounds like the kind of place that could make it better for him.

Currently, we have two locations in South Carolina - Lexington and Greenville. There are no plans at this time to expand into Charleston, but Snip-its is a franchise, so if you know anyone in your area who would be interested in opening a salon there, you can direct them to our web site for more information. http://www.snipits.com/franchising/franchise-inquiry.