Product Review: iHealth Scale

Many of you know that my hubby got tenure recently and along with that he also has a nice bonus - a six month sabbatical starting in June... what you might not know is that one of his sabbatical goals is to get fit and lose about thirty pounds.  Being a good wife, I want to set him up for success, so we headed out a few weeks ago and bought him some fancy new running shoes, special socks and new running shorts AND I got him a new bathroom scale with some very manly, high tech features! 

When I first took it out of the box, the first thing that struck me is that, unlike many scales we've had in the past, I actually like the look of this one - it's modern, sleek and will fit into almost any decor.

We've had the iHealth scale for a few weeks now - why the i?  Well it links up through bluetooth to his iPad!  It'll also link to an iPod or iPhone too!  He can keep track of his weight, exercise and even his caloric intake right there on the iPad and watch and make adjustments to his routines!  It also lets him set goals and see how close he is to meeting them!

The scale is incredibly accurate and has a nice big digital readout that my almost blind hubby can see without his glasses on.  The iHealth app allows you to track multiple users, but I've found that it's a bit of trouble to do this when there are multiple readings to download if you don't take your iPad with you every time you measure.  I'm also pretty private about my weight and don't want people to know it... so I would love to be able to password protect either the whole app or at least my user profile - and there is no way to do it.

The first time we linked up using bluetooth it was pretty easy to make the connection - but since then it's been kinda hit and miss - and it sometimes takes several tries to make the bluetooth connection.   While the scale is incredibly reliable, the connection to the iPad and the app need work, but I can see this improving over time as new versions of the app become available.

Overall, we are happy with the scale itself - but wait with anticipation for the iHealth app 2.0

You can purchase your own iHealth scale at Best Buy for just $69.99

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me from Best Buy.  All opinions are my own.