Friday Fragments

It's that time of the week again, where I clear out the combination of cobwebs and clutter from the grey matter I lug around and turn them into semi-coherent fragments for you all as part of Mrs 4444's Friday Fragments extravaganza!

I was listening to the local radio station this morning while heading to another IEP meeting for Liam and they were doing a contest involving the song Bennie and Jets for tickets to next week's Elton John Show in North Charleston... and I realized that despite hearing the song hundreds of times I never knew that the opening verse is:
Hey kids, shake it loose together
The spotlight's hitting something
That's been known to change the weather
We'll kill the fatted calf tonight
So stick around
You're gonna hear electric music
Solid walls of sound
That's probably the only rock reference to a fatted calf in the world... and it's so garbled you'd hardly know it exists...

I'm so excited!  This weekend is the Charleston Wine and Food Festival and once again I'm going to the Sponsors Only tasting lunch tomorrow!  And maybe a few other events if Wayne needs help covering shifts for intercept surveys... I hope to be able to share lots of tidbits and goodies with you about it this weekend!

Wayne is less excited about it... he doesn't drink... doesn't really eat all the fancy food and he has to work through the whole event and pull together all the reports afterwards... he didn't even appreciate the event he got to go to tonight that was the event kick-off... he ate a few things but ended up stopping off for a sandwich afterwards because he was hungry... grr... next year I'm stealing his opening night tickets and going myself!

Robyn has been incredibly busy the past few weeks - it's soccer season so she has practices twice a week - and of course they're on the same nights that Wayne works late and needs a ride home.. gotta love how that always works...

As I mentioned before, Erik and I went to Liam's IEP service meeting today - this one was productive and squee... we are getting an additional 450 minutes of service a week!  They've added an ABA therapist to his mix and hopefully the one on one attention will help him meet more of his social and behavioral goals.

Speaking of Erik... I think he's hitting his terrible twos early... he's decided that he doesn't like the word NO and when he hears it he decides to have a whale of a fit... he did the whole lie down, kick and scream thing in Publix yesterday and I just stood there and waited for him to be done... I figured he needed to burn the energy...

My favorite mystery of the universe is - how does the laundry multiply while the socks divide - but I've been ruminating on another one... why is the amount of time your child naps inversely proportionate to the amount of work you have to do or the amount of naptime you want for yourself?  If anyone has the answers to either mystery there's a Caramilk bar in it for you (Canadian Inside Joke - see reference here)

Well I have more bits and pieces rolling around my head... but they seem to be swimming in fog, so I'll leave you now and wish you happy Friday Fragging!

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