Free E-Read Wednesday

Free is good right?  Well, I have become a bit obsessed with finding great new authors and reads by regularly checking for great FREE E-Books!  Starting next week, this feature will move to Tuesdays!

Filling my Kindle with fabulous freebies has become a bit of an obsession with me... and I have to say that some of the marketing genius of offering the first book in a series as a freebie carrot has caused me to buy the rest of the books in the series ... but whether you have a kindle or not, you can take advantage of the literally THOUSANDS of FREE BOOKS available at by downloading a free app for your computer, smart phone, iPad or many other devices!

Here are a small sampling of great books available right now (grab them while you can, titles change regularly):



For Kids:


Historical Romance:

There are a ton more great books just waiting to be downloaded for FREE... to find them just click on Amazon Kindle Bestsellers link and then choose the genre you'd like to find on the left hand sidebar - you'll see two columns - top books for sale and the top FREEBIES!  How easy is that?