Five Question Friday #5QF

It's that time again when I answer five questions about myself... posed by:

1. If you were free to just hop in the car and drive, where would you go? Or, if you could hop a plane and go anywhere, where?

Driving, I'd love to head on a coast to coast trip of Canada!  From Newfoundland to B.C.!
Flying, I'd love to take my hubby on the trip he keeps mentioning... a trip to Fiji or anywhere in the South Pacific!

2. What's your most recently read favorite book?

This is a tough one... I read so much... I read an ARC copy of The Queen's Vow by C.W. Gortner that I'll be reviewing in the Spring... such a wonderfully researched novel ...

3. What's your favorite Spring Break memory?

When I was sixteen I was a Scout Leader and I went on a week long Scouter in Training course with 30 other teens - it was a blast and I made some great friends.  We bonded so well that we got together for three subsequent reunions and did service projects for the camp location and hung out together.

4. What do you put in your child's Easter basket? Or, for those w/o kids, what was put in your childhood basket?

I don't put a lot of candy in their baskets - for the boys it's usually bubbles, a ball, a new dinky car and a few small treats.
Robyn always wants one big 'bunny' and cash...

5. Do you get a summer haircut?

It's about the only time I do get a hair cut... my hairdresser is in Toronto, and I still haven't found one I really like here in Chas... so I wait and get my hair cut once a year when I go home... yep... just once a year...