Product Review - Tuckeroo

Erik is not a huge fan of bibs at the best of times - he's prone to tugging them and half the time his collar ends up covered in food despite wearing the bib.  Through MOMPACT, I was introduced to Tuckaroo Bibs and they help solve this problem!

There is no need to strap a bib around the neck of a newborn; so whether you are tucking it in or sliding it off, you will never disturb your baby.  With older infants and toddlers, you still want to protect the collars of their clothing and the Tuckaroo does that.
  • Water Resistant Inner Layer - PVC, BPA & Phthalate Free
  • Guards against protein based stains (e.g. formula stains) that are difficult to get out and are the reason why baby's clothes may yellow after months of storage
  • The newborn bib extends onto the shoulder to catch any spit ups that may run down the sides of baby's mouth
  • Reduce loads of laundry by not having to change baby's clothes several times a day
  • Never pre-treat collars again
My review: You wouldn't think that just adding a strip of fabric could really improve a bib's effectiveness, but I have to say that when Erik wears the Tuckaroo bib there is less mess around his collar!  By tucking the bib in, it also makes it less likely that Erik will pull it away from the rest of his clothing.  I really like that the waterproof layer is sandwiched between two layers of cloth - it means that I can use the clean side of the bib to wipe his face and hands after he eats and I don't have to have a separate washcloth handy.

One thing that I wish is that the toddler bib had a way to catch some of the dropped food because his pants are still coming to the wash filthy.  I also prefer bibs that snap rather than velcro - especially for the wash - I really hate washing velcro as it tends to stick to everything when I forget to close it onto itself to wash.  I also wish that it came in more colors - for the toddler size bib you can only choose pink or blue - it would have been nice to get some fun colors or patterns especially since Erik tends to favor bibs that are bright and patterned these days.

The Tuckaroo comes in three sizes - newborn, infant and toddler and ranges in price from $7.95 - $9.95.  If you've got a kid like me whose favorite "save for later" place seems to be his neck area than you'll definitely want to check out  Tuckaroo Bibs.