Friday Fragments

It's been a crazy busy week here at Chez Smith - with my parents still visiting and Robyn getting sick... Wayne and I getting our overnight date and more drama from Liam's class...

I'd go into tons of details but I've decided to switch up my frags this week... less personal, more fragmented...

I have to be completely honest - I was never a big Whitney Houston fan and now that the local radio stations are playing her stuff every hour on the hour all week, I'm totally over it.  I feel bad that anyone loses their life at such a young age, may she R.I.P. but I am over the music already.

I'm still in love with my old school kindle, but I've also been playing with my sister's new Kindle Fire... and I think I want one... but not until after I've figured out how to get a new laptop, bought a plane ticket to go with Wayne to Europe next fall and paid off some other bills... unless I win one...

But speaking of Kindles.. you know that has a whole pile of free kindle books - it's so easy to find them - just click on then go to kindle books and on the right hand side look for the top 100 books widget - click on it and go to the second tab which says top 100 free - and then you can get even more selective by clicking on the left hand sidebar to narrow your choices by genre!

I've got more than ten guest posters lined up for Autism Awareness month - and some cool giveaways but I can use some more... and I'm also open to having you guest post on any AB related topic if you're interested in guest blogging for me - anytime!

In other blog news - I'm now a Google PR 4!  I don't feel any older than a 3, but maybe they've noticed a maturity that I can't find... lol

I've started hosting a new meme - Meet Me On Monday - I used to participate in this when it was hosted elsewhere, but Java hasn't been to her blog in a while so I decided to take it over... if you do't mind answering semi-personal questions and sharing them with your audience then pop back on Sunday afternoon to see questions I post this week!

I want to pass on my sincere condolences to Mrs. 4444 (the host of FF) and her family - they lost a beloved friend this week when they had to make the difficult decision to put their family dog down.

Well, the house is now so quiet that my bed is calling me - and I can actually hear it... so it must be time for me to sign off and send you to check out all the other little frags running amok at:
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