Review and #giveaway - Oregon Chai Tea Bags

Many of you who who have been reading Acting Balanced for a while know that I'm A Tea Granny and proud of it!  And if you checked out my 25 Days of Christmas Cookies recipes you know that I love adding a little spice to my life!  Heck, one of the most popular cookies from my 25 Days event is still getting hits - the Apple Chai Oatmeal Cookies recipe is so yummy and delicious and uses one of my favorite tea products - Oregon Chai Tea Concentrates.  Which brings me to today's review and giveaway - Oregon Chai has brought out three fabulous new flavors of Tea Bag!


I received a package of each - Original, Dreamscape and Energia and have spent the last few weeks reveling in chai tea bliss!  What I love about the tea bags vs. the concentrate is that I can brew the tea bag in water and adjust the milk and sugar or honey according to my tastes and dietary needs.  Each tea bag has ZERO Calories so I start with the wonderful flavor and aroma of chai and control exactly what I'm getting myself into!

I can brew up a true chai latte by following the directions on the box, or I can make a single cup or pot of tea and have something just a bit lighter!  There are even suggestions about ways to make a creamier version, an iced version and more!

I really like all of the flavors! 

  • The Original tea bag has that perfect bite of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove and anise that I expect from a true chai and it's made with black tea which makes it rich and powerful.   
  • Organic Guayusa and Yerba Maté help to flavor and provide an additional kick of caffeine to the Energia tea bag.  This tea reminded me of a nice green tea - with the added kick of caffeine - not quite as heavy as the black tea version and I also found that I liked this one with or without any milk at all, which made it great for putting in my travel mug for all day on the go travel!
  • My absolute favorite flavor though, was the Dreamscape tea bag - made with rooibos and honeybush and naturally caffeine free, this was better than warm milk for my night time wind down drink... still rich and wonderfully spicy but it didn't interfere with my sleep at all. 

Overall, I truly love the versatility that the tea bags offer - and the added bonus was that when I took them on my recent trip to Charlotte the tea bags took up very little space in my suitcase!

If you want the opportunity to try out the new Oregon Chai Tea Bags for yourself, you can find them at your favorite retailer, order online directly from Oregon Chai or be one of THREE lucky US residents to win your own set of 3 boxes of tea bags!  

Just follow the directions on the rafflecopter below - you must do one of the top three options - 
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Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me for the purpose of completing my review. All opinions are my own.